mission shaped intro

mission shaped intro, or msi as it it widely known, is a 6 week course for anyone thinking seriously about mission, whether in traditional church or fresh expressions.

msi looks at fresh expressions of church through a mix of teaching, reflection and story. The course is an enjoyable hands-on experience combining presentations, group activity, film and music clips, worship and prayer.

The course is fully downloadable (or available as a booklet and workbooks) and consists of six sessions:

  • rediscovering mission: the mission of God as the foundation for any expression of church;
  • changing world, changing church: how the church might respond to a world of change and uncertainty;
  • re-imagining church - community: the need for fresh expressions of church to develop authentic community in a world shaped by consumerism and individualism;
  • re-imagining church - worship: how fresh expressions of church are re-imagining worship;
  • discipleship and leadership: how to enable healthy discipleship and leadership within fresh expressions of church;
  • where do we go from here?: to provide space for you to consider your response to the course and offer options to what you might do next.
The course has recently been run in our northern circuits by Deacon Maggie Patchett.

It could be run, with a little help, by a circuit or a group of circuits.

You can get more information from Nick Blundell or have a look at the msi page on the Fresh Expressions website.