WYS books

WYS books have been created in fellowship and used to further devotion beyond all kinds of familiar frontiers.

The publications have been valued as a ministry by the West Yorkshire District of the Methodist church since 1980.

All books in the series are available from WYS Books, 19 Wentworth Court, Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 3XD.

Telephone 01484 719993
e-mail: WYS Books
"OUR DAILY BREAD" contains a selection of prayers written by Peter Whittaker for Radio 4 Daily Services.

The book is priced at £3.00 plus postage.

A prayer from the book

Guiding God,
we give you grateful thanks for your
teaching presence with us throughout our lives.
We thank you that we have heard your message
through faithful witnesses in each and every age.
We thank you for our belonging together,
joyfully accepting that you call us into
one Church, one faith, serving one Lord.
Other books available in this series:

Golden Nuggets
From Touchstone. Subtitled Prayers from a Pennine City.

One Hundred Vestry Prayers
For use in the vestry with the preacher before a service.

All God's Children
Prayers for use with young people.

This Is Our God
Personal devotions using modern imagery for God.

Open With God
Opening devotions for meetings.

Prayers For Family Worship
Prayers for use in public worship.

Life With God
Prayers "through all the changing scenes of life"

In God's Hands
Prayers for healing and wholeness.

Ready Steady ...
Prayers of Preparation.

Holy Ground
New prayers for a God-shaped world.
Orders are now being taken for our new WYS book "SEEING & PRAYING" - Prayers that arise out of our encounters with everyday objects.

The book has been compiled with the intention that it might be used as an opening time of prayer by small groups but also that it could be for personal use by individuals.

This book is priced at £2.50 plus postage.
"PRAYER HELPS" is a prayer manual offering a variety of entry points into prayer for use by individuals or groups in daily life and worship. Included is an interactive CD-Rom of resources including words set to music, pictures and play ideas.

This book is priced at £4.76 including postage.
"TIMES AND SEASONS"contains a collection of prayers for use on special occasions, many not appearing in the official calendar of the church year.

The six sections of the book are: Times of Celebration (12 headings); A Celebration of Youth (9 headings); Family Life (18 headings); Global Concerns (9 headings); Called to Service (10 headings); Prayers in a Multi-Faith Society (4 headings).

Two prayers from the book

Lord, we pray that all those standing for election
may present their policies and priorities
clearly, honestly and with humility.
May we who vote
be inspired by a vision of your Kingdom
of love, justice and peace.Amen

Preparation for a Church Weekend
Caring God,
we thank you for this opportunity
for refreshment and relaxation.
Deepen our fellowship,
restore our energy,
strengthen our faith,
as we recommit ourselves as disciples of your Son Jesus;
through your Holy Spirit. AMEN.